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Dr. Craiu Mihai: Education for asthma – remote troubleshooting and telemonitoring in children
One of the topics at MEDICS 2016 will be childhood asthma management – a complex task that often represents a challenge to doctors. What can be done outside the hospital to improve patient care? Dr. Craiu Mihai, Associate Professor at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, head of the Paediatrics Department at Alfred Rusescu Children’s Hospital, will try to answer this question in his talk “Education for asthma – remote troubleshooting and telemonitoring in children”.

Management of Facial Skin Cancers: Reconstructive Procedures and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Surgically removing cancerous lesions while preserving the patient’s health and appearance is a challenge facial plastic surgeons face every day. For MEDICS 2016, Dr. Adrian Frunza from Floreasca Emergency Hospital will be presenting some of his most challenging cases, analyse the surgical options in every situations and clarify when an interdisciplinary approach is required.

A chemicogenetic strategy to boost synaptic inhibition can reduce epileptiform activity

Alexandru Calin will introduce his research to all the neuroscience enthusiasts who want to know more about new ways to reduce epileptiform activity. He is a proud ex-president of SOMS now doing his PhD at University of Oxford and still encouraging our association.

Comparative results after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in adolescents versus adults

Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that can have a negative effect on many systems in the human body. No two people are alike, so a successful weight-loss plan has to be a personalized one. Dr. Rubin Munteanu, head of the General Surgery Department at Euroclinic Hospital, Regina Maria, will show how minimally invasive surgical treatment can be included in a comprehensive weight loss strategy and how it can be an asset in managing teenage obesity.

Intracellular Protein Destruction and Tumour Antigen Presentation in Melanoma

The Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy is conducting fundamental research in various areas using cutting edge techniques. For her conference, Dr. Stefana Petrescu, director of the Institute, will present her work on the molecular mechanisms of the folding and intracellular transport of soluble and membrane bound glycoproteins. In particular, she is investigating the maturation, degradation and antigen presentation of melanoma proteins, keeping in mind potential clinical applications.

The Multidisciplinary Approach of the Cardiovascular Patient – the Resident Physicians’ Perspective

Modern concepts such as “The Heart Team” prove an orientation towards a multidisciplinary approach of certain categories of cardiovascular patients. MEDICS 2016 gives voice to young physicians to present their views on such concepts in the form of a conference. You might find yourselves surprised by the cardiovascular related conditions that physicians in diverse medical fields encounter during their practice!
The conference will be moderated by Dr. Alexandru Scafa from the “Floreasca” Emergency Hospital, (Bucharest, Romania). We will be attending the presentations of:
– Dr. Patricia Zaharia (Endocrinology Resident), Institute for Clinical Diabetology, German Diabetes Center, Leibniz Center for Diabetes Research at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany;
– Dr. Andrei Marinescu (Radiology and Medical Imaging Resident), University Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania;
– Dr. Teodora Donisan (Cardiology Resident), Elias University Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania;
– Dr. Răzvan Radu (Neurology Resident), University Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania;
– Dr. Răzvan Capotă (Cardiology Resident), “Prof. Dr. C.C. Iliescu” Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Disease, Fundeni Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania.

Oncoplastic Surgery 

In the attempt to optimise the balance between the risk of local recurrence and the cosmetic outcomes in breast surgery, new surgical procedures, so-called oncoplastic techniques, have been introduced and widely developed in recent years. Dr Alexandru Blidaru, Oncology Professor at “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, will tell us more about this type of surgery. It is performed on the basis of oncological principles, but with the use of plastic surgery techniques, mostly for reconstructive and cosmetic reasons. This approach has numerous advantages and manages to ease the process of cancer treatment for the patient.

Modern surgery in early breast cancer: diagnosis and treatment 

The modern approach to treating early breast cancer requires an oncologist to answer one important question before treatment:  “What kind of breast cancer are we dealing with?” Breast cancer is not one disease, but a spectrum of diseases of different biologic types. The basic forms of treatment—surgery, radiation and chemotherapy—remain the same but the type of treatment and its sequencing is different for every patient. Dr. Cristian Ioan Bordea, Associate Professor of Oncology at “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, will analyse the principles of personalized cancer treatment.

Brain Barriers 

It is hard not to have conflicted feelings about the blood-brain barrier: sometimes we are grateful for having a dynamic interface that protects the brain, other times it is a daunting obstacle – a nearly impenetrable lining that keeps out many potential drugs and treatments. But how much do you know, in the end, about the blood-brain barrier? Is it the only true interface between the nervous and the systemic microcosm? Is it a privilege being isolated from the organism it magnificently controls? Dr. Bogdan O. Popescu, Professor of Neurology at Colentina Clinical Hospital, member of the Executive Board of the Romanian Society of Neurology will bring forward a fresh and revealing lecture about this ever-surprising boundary.

Burns Management 

Two experts in the management of the burned patients – Cristina Huian M.D., Plastic Surgeon at the Clinical Emergency Hospital of Plastic Surgery and Burns of Bucharest & Calin Ciontu M.D., Emergency Medicine at the Clinical Emergency Hospital of Plastic Surgery and Burns of Bucharest – will go through the protocol of dealing with this kind of patients. They will explain everything that needs to be done, from the first aid to a potential surgical procedure.

Atrial Fibrillation – A New Take on an Old Subject

Our understanding of the basic mechanisms that govern atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia, has been increasing rapidly. We now know, for example, that atrial arrhythmogenic remodeling is a central process in maintaining AF and the exciting part is that all these new insights promise to broaden the range of treatment options for patients with AF. Perhaps there is no better person to put all these exciting advances into perspective than Gheorghe Andrei Dan, Professor of Cardiology and Internal Medicine at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Head of the Internal Medicine Clinic and of the Cardiology Department at Colentina Clinical Hospital, who will have a new take on this old subject at MEDICS 2016.

Friends and Foes of Tobacco Control

Romania has just become the last in a very long list of countries that forbid smoking in public spaces. The new law faced such a strong opposition that amendments had to be made. Magda Ciobanu, Pneumologist at Marius Nasta Pneumoftiziology Institute in Bucharest, will be looking at the arguments on both sides.